Triple A Winter School 2017

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A ‘Triple A’ Winter School. How to Assemble, Annotate and Analyse Whole Genome Sequence data.

The biological sciences are experiencing a genomic revolution following major advances in DNA sequencing technology. This revolution has great potential to advance many fields of biology, but the lack of suitably trained biologists with the necessary skills to tackle mountains of DNA sequence data prevents unlocking this potential. The ‘Triple A’ Winter School will guide students through Assembly, Annotation and Analysis of Whole Genome Sequence data.

When: 15-20th January 2017

Where: Monte Verita Conference Centre


Guide students on the best practices for Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) Assembly, Annotation and comparative genomic analysis, with a focus on complex Eukaryote genomes. Provide detailed instruction and hands on experience with assembly, annotation and analysis pipelines.


Researchers and PhD Students in evolutionary biology who have, or soon will have WGS data and need to assemble, annotate or analyse this data. Participants need to be confortable in UNIX and have experience working in command line. All participants will be required to bring their own laptop. The winter school is limited to 32 people.


Organisers: Dr Jessica Stapley, ETH Zürich; Dr Stuart Dennis, EAWAG; Dr Stefan Zoller, GDC ETH Zürich

Senior Organiser: Professor Alex Widmer, ETH Zürich



The Winter School is funded by Congressi Stefano Franscini, ETH Zürich and the Centre for Adaptation to a Changing Enviroment.



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