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Title: The genomic basis of eco-evolutionary change

Venue: Conference Center Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland

Date: June 5th – June 9th 2016


Recent recognition that ecological and evolutionary processes can operate on similar time scales lays the groundwork for novel synthesis between research fields. Scientists now know that natural selection and ecological interactions can feed back on one another to potentially shape the outcome of species interactions, the functioning of ecosystems, and the persistence of species with global environmental change. Nonetheless, when we should expect ecological and evolutionary dynamics to feed back slowly, as is classically hypothesized, versus rapidly, is largely unknown.  

The thesis of our proposed Congressi Stefano Francisini conference is that substantial progress can be made by understanding how genetic diversity and the architecture of ecologically relevant traits constrain the pace and direction of evolution. Progress is so tangible given new opportunities to study genetic variation in natural systems with recent technological advances in high-throughput nucleotide sequencing.

The goal of our proposed conference is to explore the genomic basis of eco-evolutionary dynamics as a key step toward predicting the pace and direction of evolution, and ultimately how evolutionary change can feedback to impact ecological dynamics.  The conference will bring together speakers from around the world to synthesize recent developments in the genomics of ecologically relevant traits and the eco-evolutionary dynamics of species interactions and species responses to environmental change. Through talks, break-out sessions, and informal interactions, the participants will develop a research agenda for a genomics-based, predictive understanding of eco-evolutionary change.

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