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ACE involves the collaboration of 13 postdoctoral fellows, three PhD fellows, seven synthesis grant awardees, and twenty-five participating faculty and research scientists from three academic departments at ETH.

Center fellows and doctoral students are housed in a common space in the CHN Building at ETH Zurich’s downtown campus. Some of the most innovative ideas and approaches from the center emerge organically from the unplanned interactions that occur daily when scientists from different institutions and backgrounds are in the same physical location.

The Genetic Diversity Centre (GDC) serves as the main technology platform for ACE and supports ACE scholars in their studies of genetic variation and trait architecture in natural, managed and experimental populations. GDC laboratory facilities provide the space and equipment needed for efficient large-scale DNA and RNA isolation, quantification and quality control, as well as for most marker-based analyses. In addition, center fellows can access the state of the art laboratory and field research facilities operated by the participating faculty.

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