ACE Seminar Series Spring 2017

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Date Host Speaker(s) Title
1 Mar Dr. Jessica Stapley

Dr. Sebastien Wielgoss    

ETH Zürich

The tempo and mode of evolution in bacterial populations
15 Mar Dr. Thomas van Boeckel Dr. Romain Garnier University of Cambridge   
Nutrition, immunity and population dynamics in a wild mammal
29 Mar Dr. Julien Massoni

Prof. Florian Schiestl

University of Zurich

Adaptive plant evolution in response to different pollinators
12 Apr Dr. Jessica Stephenson Prof. David Reznick University of California, UC Riverside Experimental studies of the interaction between ecology and evolution in a natural ecosystem
26 Apr Dr. Ben Roller

Dr. Sara Mitri

University of Lausanne

The ecology and evolution of social interactions in small microbial communities
10 May ACE

Dr. Anita Narwani


The evolution of competition in algae
24 May Dr. Jessica Stapley Dr. Eva-Maria Willing Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research Linking genotypes and phenotypes using differences among closely related species
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