ACE Seminar Series Autumn 2016

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Oct 19

Dr. Amandine Cornille

Dr. Clément Lafon-Placette, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden

The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must: endosperm-based hybridization barriers, a matter of genomic strength

Nov 2

Dr. Katalin Csilléry

Prof. David Neale, University of California at Davis, USA

Landscape genomics in forest trees: Have we learned anything new yet?

Nov 16


Dr. Julien Massoni  





Dr. Jessica Stapley


Structure and dynamic of bacterial communities of the leaves and flowers of a plant assemblage


Does stress alter the genome?

Nov 30


Dr. Simone Fior  

ETH Zürich



Dr. Frank Schreiber

BAM, Berlin


Exploring the genomics of altitudinal adaptation in carnation



Single-cell trait-based diversity and ecosystem functioning in microbial communities

Dez 14


Dr. Katalin Csilléry





Dr. Thomas van Boeckel


Long term effects of wind and drought on tree mortality in six mountainous coniferous forest

The global consumption of antimicrobials in food animals and aquaculture

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