ACE Seminar Series Autumn 2015

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Date Host Speaker(s) Title
30 Sept Dr. Martin C. Fischer Dr. Daniel Berner University of Basel, Switzerland The genomics of ecological vicariance in threespine stickleback fish
7 Oct Prof. Jonathan Levine   Prof. David Tilman University of Minnesota, USA     TBA
14 Oct ACE

Dr. James Buckley      ACE

Dr. Jessica Stephenson ACE

21 Oct Dr. Katalin Csilléry &     Dr. Chris Kettle Dr. Ivan Scotti  INRA Avignon, France TBA
28 Oct Dr. Martin C. Fischer Marius Rösti University of Basel, Switzerland Heterogeneous genome divergence in threespine stickleback fish: patterns, processes and consequences
4 Nov ACE

Dr. Amandine Cornille     ACE

Dr. Alejandra Rodriguez   ACE

11 Nov Dr. Katalin Csilléry Dr. Barry Gardiner    INRA Bordeaux, France TBA
18 Nov Dr. Thomas Van Boeckel Dr. Simon Dellicour University of Oxford, England Explaining the geographic spread of emerging viruses: a new framework for comparing viral genetic information and environmental landscape data. Application to rabies epidemics
25 Nov Dr. James Buckley Dr. Sergio Rassmann University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland Ecological and evolutionary drivers of anti-herbivore defenses along ecological gradients
2 Dec ACE

Dr. Thomas Van Boeckel  ACE

Moritz Lürig ACE

9 Dec Dr. Jessica Stephenson Dr. Camille Bonneaud University of Exeter, England TBC
16 Dec ACE

Dr. Vasilis Dakos ACE


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