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Adaptation to a Changing Environment

- a biological perspective

Welcome to ETH Zurich’s center for Adaptation to a Changing Environment (ACE). Work in the center aims to understanding the importance of genetic diversity and evolutionary change for population dynamics, the stability of species interactions, and ecosystem function. To accomplish these aims, ACE unites excellent young scientists under one roof to conduct projects in ecology and evolution combining mathematical theory, genomic analyses, and field and laboratory experiments.

ACE Seminar Series

The schedule of the ACE Seminar Series 2017 will be published here soon . 

List of speakers

International Exploratory Workshop 2017: Ecological genomics of coevolutionary interactions

Concepts and methods in ecological genomics of coevolutionary interactions: bridging the gap between theory and empirical studies.

January 8th – January 13rd 2017, Weggis, Switzerland

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